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Juicy Jay`s - Orange Overload - 20 Thai Incense Sticks

Marke: Juicy Jay's
Produktnr.: 105921
Verfügbarkeit: 2 - 7 Tage
Preis: CHF5,98
Preis ohne Steuer: CHF5,56
Menge: +
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Juicy Jay`s - Orange Overload - 20 Thai Incense Sticks

Juicy Jay`s It`s Just Soooo... Juicy!

Juicy Jays is one of the best selling brands of flavored smoking products in the world.
We have put our years of experience and flavoring know-how into every stick.
This incense is guaranteed to be one of the most aromatic and pleasurable you have ever experienced.

Why is Juicy Jays incense made in Thailand?
Because Thailand with it`s rich Buddhist history has been making incense for thousands of years and has perfected the art.
We think you and your senses will definitely agree.

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